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Flammability testing of Textiles and Plastics in Accordance with UL94, FAA, AND FMVSS


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The risk of high levels of flammability must be avoided for many products and materials.

Materials used in automotive interiors, airplane compartments, as well as electrical devices and appliances must have certain levels of resistance to fire. Detailed test methods have been developed for the automotive, aviation, consumer electronics and many other diverse industries, to evaluate materials in order to determine their degree of flammability.

Atlas' flammability instruments provide you unmatched accuracy, repeatability and safety when performing qualification testing to determine the burn rates and resistance of your products.

Some of our products

The Atlas HVUL2 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber is designed for the flammability testing of plastic materials used in consumer electric devices and appliances.
The Atlas HVFAA Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber provides the most accurate means for determining the flammability of aircraft cabin and cargo compartment materials, liners and waste stowage compartment materials, and electric wire.


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HVUL2 Chamber
HVFAA Chamber
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Reasons to use Atlas Flammability Chambers:  

  • Decades of experience in the field of flammability testing
  • Our flammability chambers are referenced in many of the standards for which our chambers are used
  • Atlas flammability testing equipment matches or exceeds international standards like ASTM D5207, FAA Bunsen Burner Tests in FAR 25.853, 25.855, 25.1359, ISO 3795, ASTM D5132, GM9070P, SAE J369 and UL94